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Submitted on
December 2, 2012


2 (who?)

The World has-I mean, the contest has ended!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 5:46 PM

Late late late~ I got back up to do this... cause I'm dumb.
Well, I simply made the contest to end on the date the world was suppose to end. But I guess I kept y'all in suspense as if the world had ended and there was no result, eh? ha ha...
Honestly the problem was that I didn't look to see that Dec. 21st was my FIRST day of work, and so I went into my work>sleep>work>sleep cycle for the next 4 days +1 more day cause of holiday party I was to attend. T'was fun~ Nothing else went on for my xmas, if ya'll are interested in knowing that tidbit.

Ramble ramble, without further adieu~

First place:
Underneath the MistletoeUnderneath the Mistletoe
It was the 31th of December. A light layer of snow were covering all grass and tree, and making this place look like a winter wonderland. Lights were everywhere all over the city, as people were getting prepared for the New Year. One special place was holding a party that very night. A special campus. Where special young people from all over the world would gather, and fight together with their Digimon partners. Digital creatures from another world. Though there was no fighting tonight. 'Cause tonight a New Years Ball was being held in one of the buildings of the Lune faction. The great hall had been decorated with lights, silver colored decorations, a grand table filled with the most delicious foods and a chandelier hanging down from the wall. People were already entering the hall. Some came on their own. Some came with their friends, and maybe some even came with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.
"He ditched you. He totally ditched you! I knew it was going

This story gave me FEEEEEEELS after just the first minute of reading. It's funny, it's cute, romantic, and has some fighting~ Just little spoonfuls of everything in this quick read. So the TaccoxRuby luff melted my heart and ran away with the prize~ :heart:
>Poll feature.
>1 character sketch. OCs please~
- $10 or $10 worth of DA Points
- Chibi of their OC
- 6 month sub (or $15)
Please contact me with your choices of the selective stuff.

Second place:
Obvious Truths by FireCatRich
This rather speaks for itself~ overall, it's extremely well done. Beautiful to look at, wonderful romantic aspects to it. The pairing may not be canon, but it's completely plausible. Both of them bakeneko...both of them likely just looking for a fun partner for the night~ meow.
>Poll feature.
>1 character sketch. OCs please~
-$5 or $5 worth of DA OR a chibi of an OC.
- 3 month sub (or $7)
Please contact me with your choices of the selective stuff.

Third place:
Rina-ran Contest Entry! by tariah23
Hard selection when there was a DraBix picture floating in the entries, but this one beat it out cause I'm 110% SURPRISED someone decided to pick my Alakona~ :heart: That's really heartwarming to see him get selected, and for such a nice looking portrait as well. x3 So thank you very much for this!
>Poll feature.
>1 character sketch. OCs please~
-A sketchy chibi of an OC
-1 month sub (or $5)
Please contact me with your choices of the selective stuff.


Thank you everyone who entered~:heart:
Leave this to me! by CalkuboYorrick by Sachi-pon


Within these last days I will valiantly make a struggle to horde together some more fan art of my characters.

This will be difficult, as not only is the world ending...but many are scourging the malls to prepare for the end... by buying holiday presents! But that's kinda why I hold this contest around this time of year. To see how much time  you have to put effort into a piece~

Draw or Write About My Characters~
(And maybe their significant other?)

- Can be anything from a sketch or paragraph to a full piece of art or story~
- Any rating. I can judge it off of DA.
- Keep them in-character as best you can.
- Feel free to change their clothes.
- Turn it in on time. No extensions. NOTE ME.
- Enter as many times as you want.
- Submissions must be separate deviations.

I simply choose what gives me the most feels or appeals to me the most. So yes, you can win with a sketch if it gives me more feeling than any full done piece that was done "just to enter".

KH-Reopened: Bixatas by Rina-ran can be paired with
KH-Reopened: Kakeru by Rina-ran can be paired with , , or your own character.
TDW: Tacco Kilewekeli by Rina-ran can be paired with
KH-Reopened: Yorrick by Rina-ranKH-R: Ai by Rina-ran (both single)
Sayrio and Maze by Rina-ran can be paired with one another or Sayrio with
Alakona -Reference- by Rina-ran can be with anyone (I should RP him already. ><; )

Good luck all~ Spread the word!

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Setsuna-Yena Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hnnghh I do not know why this didn't appear in my inbox! Ughuuuuh I really won, that's a real surprise for me ;V;!! Awwwww thank you thank youuuuu :iconbrohugplz:!
Shintai-AB Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
I wanna see all the other entries too.~ -goes to check faves-
Malachite-Saru Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should feature the other people who submitted art in your journal, I think. I'd like to see it all, but I don't see anywhere to see that.
Rina-ran Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
I usually do that, but I made this journal at 2am and got out of bed to do it after I was almost asleep. I can add em when I get home in a few hours. The other 2 can be found in myfaves under "gifts requests etc" if you wanna see em sooner.
Foxshu Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student General Artist
At least the world didnt end! Now I can use my new tablet that I got for christmas, yays x3

....Seriously, those drawings ARE awsome ^^
mcaputo123187 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student
congrats to the winning and hope they had a merry christmas ^^*
Sangrde Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
awwwwwwwww i thought it was due until the christmas :((((((((O
Rina-ran Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
I hadn't closed it yet cause I'm still too busy to judge. If you started on something, you can toss it in.
Sangrde Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
oOh really, can i turn it in by tommorow cuz it's 1 a.m. here and maybe able to finish tmr?
Rina-ran Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
That should be fine. I have a holiday party to be at all day. But after that, I'll finally be free of work for the week, and will have to close for judging.

I tagged the date for when the world was suppose to end. But I didn't realize it fell on my first work day. ><;
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