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They Broke My Eli!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2015, 6:19 AM

Brought Elimo home from the vet around 6 yesterday.

Annndd....what do they put in those drugs? WHERE IS MY CAT'S OFF SWITCH?!

She wasn't the least bit drugged. I let her out of the pet carrier they gave me and she climbed into my lap. I was all "aww... missed me Eli?" and then after a few minutes, she just took off like a spark and climbed all over my car on the drive home.

Once home, she ran all over the house, rolled around on random spots on the floor, then brought me ALL HER TOYS. And wanted me to throw them all. Vet papers says she should avoid jumping, running, and climbing... But unless I put her in a cage again, that's impossible to prevent.

She has been wired all up to this morning. In which I awoke to her repeatedly headbutting me in the face. I didn't mind it so much... it was nicer than her sucking on me. But I opened an eye to look at her and she went after my eyelash cause it moved!

So I'm like "what the fuck, why do I even worry."

And so I left for work. She's probably at home wrestling Kitties or something. :|

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixyHeart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

And yeah, I type out Eli short for Elimo, though it's pronounced "Ellie". Rhymes with belly. Eli belly~

aksdjfk.... but she's been dropped off at the vet to be spayed today. And that's where my mind is. It's going to be so hard to concentrate at work today when I know my baby is going into surgery.

Every cat I've ever owned has been spayed/fixed... but this is the first time I'm actually being fussy over it. Like I don't even know... I just want to be there to take her home immediately. But I know they'll be done by 12 and I won't be off work 'til 5.

She was sweet all last night~ But once we got to the vet, she clung to me as they tried to take her away. And that's just heart breaking. D8

She's pretty well behaved at the vet to. I don't even have a pet carrier for her. She just wears a harness and doesn't bat much of an eye towards dogs.  (just how Yanyan was) So I'm pretty sure she sensed something was going on if I was dropping her off at that place so early.

This day needs to soar... Or I'm gonna just die at my desk from worry. 

Art in banner by WhiteKana


:2014 Art Summary by Rina-ran


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Hello, Marina, I hope you're doing well!
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:iconrubcheeksplz:  Thankyou for the watch :iconrubcheeksplz:
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Merry Christmas Marina! :orange: :D
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merry christmas :P
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OMG! I heard you don't like Sonic games, but do you like other SEGA games better?
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